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For · the · Love · of · Food

I'm closing this community down...

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...though I may not outright delete it.

10:18 PM 8/1/08 · Let's face facts, this comm has never done all that well. Postings are sporadic and usually the only time anyone else posts here is in response to whenever I posted something here. I post something here and there'd be a brif flurry of activity from a couple others...and then it all died right after until the next time I posted something.

Sometimes no activity from anyone else in months.

So, I'm going to use the mood for here and slap it onto GOBBLE GOBBLETurkey·Day, a themed community to what I'd like to think is fairly obvious.

It's one of my favorite holidays and there's seriously a lack of celebration of it in my humble opinion. The fact it occasionally falls square on my birthday has nothing to do with this.

I'd like to think some of you, if not all, would hop on over to there. Odds are it will largely only be active roundabout one time a year...but that's okay by me.
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